Brainiac Club

Click on the links below to complete "Brainiac" tasks by subject.

Jack of All Trades: Brainiac Club

Choose a task to research and complete.
Collect information and write it down in your journal.
Study your task
Be able to write down the answers from memory and say them aloud.
I will test you on your task.
We will keep track of the tasks you complete.
Once you successfully complete 15 tasks, you receive a certificate and a reward for your brainiac abilities!
You may research from home if you would like to.
This is to be completed during classtime, after you have finished your regular assignment, remembering quality work!
Have fun learning and get started!

Language Arts Brainiac

Math Brainiac

Science Brainiac

Visit "Science Links" on my wiki for researching these tasks.

Social Studies Brainiac

Visit "Social Studies Links" on my wiki for researching these tasks.

Trivia Brainiac

Click below for a list of websites to use for your research.
(from Mrs. Royal's webpage)

Click here to research